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Pinsa Romana

Secret Recipe. Obvious Delight

Pinsa is made with specific flour, which consists of three ingredients and mother yeast.<br /> The flour has its origins in a “Secret Recipe”.

It is friable, which means it is fragile and breakable due to its crispy crust, but in the same time is soft inside.

It is way more digestible than pizza because of different levels of dough hydration. It contains less carbs, fat and salt. It is a super organic and gourmet product.

Its aroma and flavor is owed to maturation process and mother yeast usage. The mother yeast helps the rising process by its high integration.

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What is “Pinsa”?

The word Pinsa derives from the Latin word pinsere, which in Italian language means to spread, to stretch. “Pinsa Romana Moderna” is the revival of an ancient roman traditional recipe, with new ingredients and modern techniques.
The original recipe comes from an ancient product made among the rural populations living just outside the walls of Rome, who used to cook a kind of “focacce” or “schiacciatine”, grinding cereals (millet, barley and spelt) and adding salt and herbs.


Ancient grain. Super organic with less carbs, fat and salt


It helps the dough fixing and gives crunchiness


It holds water when cooking and gives lightness

Dried mater dough

it gives digestibility and helps leavening and maturation process.

Olive oil, the “liquid gold” according to Homer

The unique aroma and taste of Pinsa Romana is due, among others, to olive oil,
the basis of the Mediterranean diet, an excellent nutritional treasure with numerous benefits for our health.

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