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Mr Greek

Who we are!

Having long time experience, a new production unit of handcrafted frozen pizzas was created in 2009 under the firm Mr Greek at the region of Kilkis in northern Greece. Oriented to provide products from excellent raw materials with richness of flavour and taste, our main aid is to constantly satisfy our clients, to understand their current and future needs. This is the reason behind the alteration and variety of our products in order to cover all kind of preferences.
Our business philosophy is that food quality is ensured only through handcrafted production. Consequently, we decided to add a new Italian precooked dough base produced by Mr Greek, the Pinsa Romana.

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Mr Greek Products

Pizza - Doughs

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Best quality
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For the authenticity of the recipe and of main ingredients, qualified staff travelled to Italy and stayed there as long as needed in order to gain the knowledge, the techniques and the secrets of that Italian pizza base. Our staff had a side by side training with the specialists of Original Italian Pinsa Romana, delivering to you an exceptional product, the frozen Italian pizza base, Pinsa Romana.

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Frozen Italian pizza base

Our facilities have been redeveloped by adding a new product line of Pinsa and new stone ovens. Apart from that, the one and only, secret recipe, special flour of Di Marco family was incorporated into our philosophy and it ensured the high quality.
The final product is already available: the original Italian Pinsa Romana with certificate of quality and authenticity.

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Secret Recipe. Obvious Delight

Mr. Greek, professional in pizza since 1974, presents his new creation, the authentic and unique Pinsa Romana. A dough that came from an ancient product which was made among the rural populations living just outside the walls of Rome. Rectangular and airy, friable as much as fluffy, traditional but also modern…Pinsa is here to become the thrill of the taste with its specialties.

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Best quality

Our facilities

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